Sun Legend Cruise Unique Halong Experience

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Sun Legend Cruises Day tour


5.1 : Sun Legend Standard Day Cruise

According to your timing, you may choose for a day-cruise Halong Bay discovery. Boarding one of our Day Cruise, we shall lead you among the most beautiful islands of the Bay. It is really exciting to see the spectacular sceneries of the Bay while relaxing on the sun deck of your junk.


Sun Legend Day Cruises – Standard
– Length:      21m
– Width:       5.5m
– Capacity:   30 guests
– Duration from 4 to 8 hours’ tour


– Karaoke
– Electrical fan


5.2 : Sun Legend Deluxe Day Cruise

For more comfort, you may prefer to board on our Deluxe Day Cruise. You will appreciate the spacious lounge and restaurant as well as the well-arranged and comfortable sundeck. Depending the duration of your tour, you can book for a local lunch onboard.


Sun Legend Day Cruises – Deluxe
– Length:      27m
– Width:       6.5m
– Capacity:   45 guests
– Duration from 4 to 8 hours journey


– Karaoke
– Electric fan
– Air-conditioner (surcharge)…